Frozen S’more Sandwiches Recipe: Cool and Creamy S’mores Delight”

Beat the heat with our Frozen S’more Sandwiches recipe—a delightful treat for s’mores lovers. Learn how to make these easy frozen sandwiches, bringing together the beloved flavors of s’mores in a cool, creamy form. Perfect for a refreshing summer indulgence.


  • 8 graham crackers
  • 1/2 cup marshmallow fluff or marshmallow creme
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips or chocolate chunks
  • 1 pint vanilla ice cream


1. Prepare Graham Cracker Layers:

  • Break the graham crackers in half to create 16 squares.
  • Spread a generous layer of marshmallow fluff (or creme) on 8 of the graham cracker squares.

2. Add Chocolate and Ice Cream:

  • Sprinkle a tablespoon of chocolate chips or chunks on top of the marshmallow fluff.
  • Place a small scoop of vanilla ice cream onto the chocolate layer.

3. Assemble Sandwiches:

  • Take the remaining 8 graham cracker squares and gently press them onto the ice cream to create sandwich pairs.

4. Freeze:

  • Arrange the sandwich pairs on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone mat.
  • Freeze for a minimum of 1 hour or until the ice cream firms up.

5. Serve and Enjoy:

  • Remove the Frozen S’more Sandwiches from the freezer and allow them to soften slightly for a minute or two.
  • Serve these cool and creamy s’mores-inspired treats to enjoy a taste of summer.

Frozen S’more Sandwiches are a delightful treat that brings s’mores flavors to a cool and creamy form. This simple dessert combines graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream for a refreshing summer treat. Learn how to make these icy s’mores treats and savor the essence of your favorite campfire treat in every bite.

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